At the moment, there are a lot of different clans living in Aluinnia. Some are small and share a province with other smaller clans. Some clans a so big they occupy an entire province. Each province is lead by an elite clan, this elite clan has a chief who is the leader of all the people living in that province.

Each clan consists of one (extended) family. There are three social classes in each family. A person might change social class during a lifetime by, for example, marriage, age or behavior. The elite class consists of the elders within the clan, and the chief and his wife. The upper class is made of of those with divine powers and the possible children of the chief. Everyone else makes up the lower class within a clan.

When a chief dies, his wife becomes the leader of the province, but their children will not become the new chief after that by birth. When both the chief and the chief's wife are dead, a tournament is held. Each clan can enter their strongest men in the tournament. The winner of this tournament becomes the new chief, regardless of what clan the winner belongs to. The winner's clan will be the new elite clan.

Although each clan tries to be as self sufficient as they can, being completely independent from other clans is not possible.

Once every year, per clan, a baby with magical powers is born. When a clan does not have at least one new born each year, the power goes to a commoner's baby. Commoners are people that do not belong to a clan.

Braya Edit

Finback Edit

The chief of the Finbacks, and therefore of Braya, Hugo Finback. The members of the clan often make great teachers, they are not called the keepers of history for nothing. Intelligence and knowledge is highly valued. The Finbacks hunt whales. They live how people in Braya have been living since ancient times. The Finbacks often go by their intuitions, and not necessarily listen to what other clans have to say. The clan is very family orientated and speak from their hearts. Some of the members of this clan have the power to create illusions, when this power is discovered on somebody they are send to the province's capital to further develop their powers. Illusions are used in teaching.

Emwald Edit

There are three different clans who live in the province of Emwald. The predominant clan is Pemba.

Elk Edit

The chief of the Elks is Lillian Elk. The Elks were the only clan to hold on to a nomad lifestyle after the Great Affray. They still move around, but now they have to stick to their province's boundaries. They are always cautious when entering an unfamiliar place, but socialize with the other clans they come across. Some Elks have the ability to heal from any injury, but they can't heal others. The Elks who have the ability to heal are the vanguard when it comes to exploring new areas.

Fennek Edit

The chief of the Fenneks is Oscar Fennek. In recent history, the Fenneks have been able to walk around obstacles while other clans confronted their problems head on. The Fenneks did not participate in the Great Affray. Most people that belong to the clan are merchants, since one of the important roads and a river lead through the province. Some of the Fenneks have the ability to bring inanimate objects to life, which is really helpful to the merchants.

Pemba Edit

The chief of the Pemba, and therefore of Emwald, is Jermyn Pemba. Some members of the clan have the ability to be omnipresent, making them valuable allies. Still, those who possess the ability to be omnipresent, mainly use it to their own advantage, as there is no war going on. The Pemba are night people, who like to explore the unknown. They are great in deducting.

Fourtroth Edit

There are two different clans who live in the province of Fourtroth. The predominant clan is Jackdaw.

Ashbisher Edit

The chief of the Asbishers is Ralf Ashbisher. This clan really values their freedom, they don't want others to take that away from them. They trust hardly anyone other than themselves and the signs of the nature around them. Some Ashbishers, when touching an object, are able to see what happened to that object in the past. The Ashbishers don't like having to depend on others.

Jackdaw Edit

The chief of the Jackdaws, and therefore of Fourtroth, is Walter Jackdaw. The Jackdaws often get what they want and get away with that. The are not very powerful in terms of force, but they are the richest clan and are great in numbers. This makes them manipulative. The clan always keeps an eye on their surroundings, and that does not just apply to their province but to Aluinnia as a whole. Some of the Jackdaws are known to be able to change their appearance. These shapeshifters are used to infiltrate and eavesdrop on other clans.

Halin Edit

There are two different clans who live in the province of Halin. The predominant clan is Inia.

Inia Edit

The chief of the Inia, and therefore of Halin, is Yana Inia.The Inia live a very traditional life. The mothers work for- and protect the children and the other adults work for- and protect the mothers. There is a strong sense of community. They wont flee, but will try to fight stronger enemies. They wont only safe themselves, the clan will protect those in need. Members of this clan are, although they are from Halin, not often enslaved.

Yunnon Edit

The chief of the Yunnons is Eleanor Yunnon. The clan is very accepting of fate, pain and limitations to their abilities. The abilities that some of them do have, are kept hidden. Some members of the clan can disintegrate objects. When it is found out that a Yunnon has this ability, it risks a higher chance of being enslaved. The Yunnons desire the comfort of being with others of their clan. They behave innocent and childlike.

Manwick Edit

There are two different clans who live in the province of Manwick. The predominant clan is Katan.

Katan Edit

The chief of the Katans, and therefore of Manwick, is Feliks Katan. The Katan clan is very unhappy with the current system of provinces, but they realize that they cannot fight everyone else. Therefore they stick with the current situation. They are good leaders, but when in power, the Katans tend to use it mainly to profit themselves. Some members of the clan can send mental messages to other members of their clan.

Vior Edit

The chief of the Viors is Baldewin Vior. The Viors tend to have a positive outlooks on situations. Some of the Vior have enhanced speed and are therefore quick to adapt and to respond to situations. They are beloved as messengers. While other members of their clans have to rest often, those with the power have a great endurance.

Mistall Edit

There are four different clans who live in the province of Mistall, The predominant clan is Rhinel.

Agrien Edit

The chief of the Agriena is Hal Agrien. This is the smallest clan in Aluinnia, both in lenght and in numbers. The clan is a home for people and spirits alike. Since they tend to hide away in the forest, only a few people from Mistall say that they have seen an Agrien before, so it is believed that, even though their power is immortality, they are about the go extinct.

Opilio Edit

The chief of the Opilio is Cyon Opilio. This clan are very patient and feminine, yet they carry a great power in their shadow self. Some of the Opilio can take possession of animals and humans. This power is feared and rejected by other clans, so the Opilio repress these powers. Over the years, they have become very creative in hiding the clan members who possess the power of possession.

Rhinel Edit

The chief of the Rhinels, and therefore of Mistall, is Tedric Rhinel. This clan is a great predictor of weather patterns, which is a reason they are often called upon by other clans. They spend the majority of their time farming, and know how to work the land efficiently. They provide the food for the markets in every city of the province. Some of the Rhinels have elemental powers, they are used extensively when farming.

Tatt Edit

The chief of the Tatts is Arabell Tatt. The Tatts are providers of spiritual guidance, and not only within their own clan. Some of the Tatts have the ability to make spirits appear, which is a thing that really divides the clan. Some of them think that the power is great and other are afraid of the power.

Notanoy Edit

Harrier Edit

The chief of the Harriers, and therefore of Notanoy, is Don Harrier. The clan has a strong connection with the spirit world. They believe that when they die, they return to the living world as birds, for this reason they are very much against the hunting of birds. Some of the Harriers are able to fly short distances, it is used to buid high and impressive structures, and to collect certain types of food. The Harriers are usually able to focus really well, making the efficient workers. They can spot a problem from miles away, but can also pay attention to the details. They are great observers.

Paragon Edit

There are three different clans who live in the province of Paragon. The predominant clan is Ursin.

Brimstone Edit

The chief of the Brimstones is Silvester Brimstone. The clan are very open and welcoming to all people. They can adapt well to suit the needs of other clans. The believe butterflies represent the souls of the departed ones, and take good care of them. This results in gardens. Some of the Brimstones have the power to convert base products into final products. This is mainly used to speed up processes of, for example, cheese making.

Panjet Edit

The chief of the Panjets is Gavin Panjet. The Panjets are very silent, they do not socialize much with the members of their own clan, much less with the other people living in Aluinnia. Panjets tend to be quick learners. They listen to the messages themselves rather than to the feelings messages can give them. Some members of the clan are able to listen to imitate skills animals possess. The Panjets treat this power as a curse, but strongly believe that when those who possess it die they are reborn as normal people.

Ursin Edit

The chief of the Ursins, and therefore of Paragon, is Penne Ursin. The Ursins are a very calm clan. They talk things out rather than to fight over things. The are very determined in getting what they want in a nonviolent way. The clam puts a lot of value in their collected goods. and resources. Often times, the Ursins are aware of the energies flowing around them. Some of the members of the clan can communicate with the deceased, this is a highly respected power.

Raetta Edit

Faroe Edit

The chief of the Faroe, and therefore of Raetta, is Miles Faroe. This is largest clan of Aluinnia. The Faroe are very strong, both socially and physically, putting them at high appeal with other clans. The clan is known for their ability to use natural forces in their favor. Some of the members of the can have the ability to bend time.

Sodmire Edit

There are two different clans who live in the province of Sodmire. The predominant clan is Dae.

Cascolt Edit

The chief of the Cascolts is Isac Cascolt. The Cascolts are usually trying to hide from others, which this succeed at as they live in the hills of Sodmire. They have great personal strength, but don't handle situations well when they have to work as a team. Some of the members of this clan have the ability to destruct their bodies and regenerate. This power does a lot of aerial damage. It is used in the construction and demolition of hideouts.

Dae Edit

The chief of the Dae, and therefore of Sodmire, is Quintin Dae. Even tough the villages of the clan are very scattered and cut of from each other, the most predominant clan in Sodmire is Dae. They know their herbs, and use their knowledge for healing. The Dae are very down to earth. In times of need, the peaceful healers can be strong warriors. Some of the members of the clan have the power to poison enemies. These powers are not to be used outside of battle.However, they fight on their own and not in an army. The Dae are very accepting of natures fate, and will surrender to natural forces.

Whitewater Edit

There are three different clans who live in the province of Whitewater. The predominant clan is Arikara.

Arikara Edit

The chief of the Arikara, and threfore of Whitewater, is Knut Arikara. The Arikara are very inventive and resourceful, they know how to survive. They are willing to do everything they can, even if it is unsettling or disruptive, as long as it profits their clan. They are few in numbers, so when they fight they use trickery to win. Some of the members of the clan communicate with the dead, they especially use it to predict the future.

Gorza Edit

The chief of the Gorza is Normann Gorza. The people that belong to the Gorza clan usually put others before themselves. They believe that somewhere another version of themselves is living the way they want to, and that by performing good deeds they can get closer to and deserve to be that person they want to be. Some of the Gorza can use portals to transport. themselves or goods. This power is mainly used in emergency services.

Lybica Edit

The chief of the Lybica is Vane Lybica. The Lybica are very flexible, whether it is in mind, body, emotions or spirit. They are great hunters, they not only use force but outsmart their enemies. Some members of the clan have the ability to turn invisible. The Lybica are very curious, and like to explore the unknown. Their power is used to explore.

Zelin Edit

Ember Edit

Zelin is not ruled by a chief. The Ember randomly select their leaders every two years. The clan's name, Ember, literally translates to "people" in the language spoken by the Ember. The people of the clan stay strong despite obstacles and distractions. They provide for themselves. The Ember tend to live longer than the people from other clans. Some members of the clan can breath in the water, which is a very useful power on the island.